Haiti Ministry

Haiti Ministry

The Haiti Ministry Mission

Through St. Ann’s Catholic Church, we are committed to raising the quality of life for the people of Dubuisson Haiti.  We provide nourishment and growth for the minds and bodies of the children at our school and develop a loving understanding of the physical and religious needs of both of our parishes.

Contact: Patricia Hawn and Hayes Hanley

Did you know?

In 2003, St. Ann’s Parish made a Twinning Commitment with Notre Dame du Perpetual Secours in Dubuisson,  Haiti. A School Scholarship program was initiated.

  • Today, our school educates 280 students in 8 classrooms Pre K through 6th Grade.
  • All of our teachers are Certified or in the process of completing Certification.
  • Our school provides clean water and a hot meal for all students;   for some, their only meal of the day.
  • We feel that education is one of the most effective ways of getting Haiti out of its economic stagnation.
  • $125 will cover the cost for 1 student for 1 year.

$125 will help support a child’s education and faith community for a year.  Look for a donation envelope located on the Haiti bulletin board next to the church office door.

A message from Fr. Guy Casseus

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On behalf of all our parishioners and students, I would like to thank you for your commitment to help our parish since 2003.

Through your help, this year over 250 students have the opportunity to go to school. Every year you provide books for the students. Thank you very much.

Many students walk more than 30 minutes to go to school. When they arrive at school their stomachs are empty. Through your help we have the possibility to offer a lunch to the students. Moreover you, since September you gave us a brand new gas cooking system instead of the charcoal. Thank you so much.

In Haiti, life is very expensive. The parents can’t afford money to pay for their kids. Not only you have paid the teachers salary since 2003, but last September you have increased their salary. Thanks a lot.

During the jubilee 2000, Pope John Paul invited the Christians ‘to go to the deep sea’. I understand that you did a lot for our school, however we still have a big concern for our school. We need to add the middle school to the elementary school because many students cannot afford money to go to school in the closest city. At least we would like them to complete the fundamental school. Moreover, since September, we are introducing agriculture in the curriculum of the school. We hope that by the end of the fundamental school the students will learn how to graft trees, farm and raise animals.
To reach this goal, we need to hire technicians in agriculture, buy equipment, and seeds. We rely upon your help to do it. I know that there is an economic crisis in the United States of America, but I also believe that God will provide for.

God bless you and God bless America
Fr. Guy Casseus
Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Reporting Abuse

Sexual Abuse Hotline: Bishop Knestout encourages anyone aware of sexual abuse of minors on the part of clergy or staff of our Diocese to notify civil authorities, call Attorney General’s Clergy Abuse Hotline at 1-833-454-9064 and reach out to the Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator, Jennifer Sloan at 1-877-887-9603.